How to Clarify Butter

Butter is made up of fat and milk solids.Clarified butter is unsalted butter that has the solids and water removed so all that remains is pure liquid golden-yellow butterfat.It’s those milk solids and water that cause butter to burn, and make things less crisp. The advantages of this type of butter is its long keeping quality (several months refrigerated) and its high smoke point (can be used in frying  and sauteing without burning). While looking on the internet to see the best way to describe my method- my method was nowhere to be found! I find this to be the easiest way to clarify butter.I can’t be bothered with the skimming methods.Too messy.Others say to pour off the clear butter as the milks will sink.This doesn’t work either as some milk invariably pours too. This takes a bit more time but so much cleaner and easier to do.

Melt butter slowly in the microwave.If you need one stick of butter- melt two.Taking out the milk and water naturally gives you a lesser (< 1/4) quantity. I do this on a low heat until the butter is all liquid and you see the white solids interspersed with the butter.
Refrigerate butter until solid again.Poke a hole in it to the bottom, and either through the hole or by moving your butter mound to the side, you will see the milky liquid at the bottom. Only the pure butterfat hardens.

Pour it off!


Remelt your beautifully now clarified butter.

Use in recipes like Roasted Vegetables in Phyllo. I never used to clarify my butter for this.Now it comes out much more crisp,and stays that way because the milk and water have been removed. Bon appetit!!


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