About the Class!

Welcome!  Welcome back if   you are returning !
There isn’t much you won’t find in this blog. Variety and versatility is what it’s all about!
Simply put, I love to get creative in the kitchen.Making use of all types of foods and techniques from raw to microwave, sugar free to sweet as can be. You will find step by step pictures and explanations of my creations, for the beginner to advanced cook.
This blog was born out of the different needs in out family. Most days I am carb free, other than those that come from fruits and vegetables. In March, it was five years since my daughter Micaela decided to become vegetarian. At the end of July, she added fish into her diet, and is loving all the new tastes available to her.  Add to the mix, my son Brady, a meat lover, along with his new found favorite, fish! He loves his pastas as well, and wasn’t about to give up anything !So here we were, a small family with three types of eating needs!
Re -vamp time for the main cook. So here in Cooking With Class you will learn, from me and WITH me how easy it is to accomodate ALL of your family’s needs,with as little hair pulling as possible. Upcoming, you will see more  things made with less butter,salts and glutens. Old recipes will become healthier, or offer substitutions for all lifestyles. 
In short, something  for everyone.
Pull up a chair and join the class. Come back often.
Bon appetit, allez cuisine……most of all..enjoy!




  1. Rozz,
    I am Eydie’s sister-in-law Belle.
    She sent me your blog and I love, love, love your recipes. I am soooooo excited to try them ALL!
    This is fabulous. I plan to share this with friends.
    Thank-you and naturally I will thank Eydie!

    • Thanks Belle- I hope you are continuing to enjoy the new additions!

  2. I finally found and saved your blog! I can’t wait to dig in.


  3. How about dining out what places are good or bad? I have a million…

    • lol- Why eat out when I cook like I do? Are you in Florida?

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