Super Boule

February 3, 2013

The inspiration for this recipe is  everywhere on the net, and in supermarket displays, just in time for the Super Bowl. Since it is not something I could eat twice in one week,my version will have to be served at your next get together.As usual I changed the original recipe -in fact other than the basic design of the bread,everything is different! The bread used is round and called a “boule'”,and it is stuffed to the max…hence Super Boule’.Cute? I thought so! Using rye,pumpernickel or sourdough instead white cuts down carbs. (ok not much, but pumpernickel has the least amount of carbs and sugar) I also dismissed the packet of  dip mix and made my own using less sodium, no msg and vegetarian friendly. Upon reading the packet I had, I realized it had chicken fat in it…no thanks. These ingredients are just suggestions…possibilities are endless…I have  thoughts of an  Italian,and  a Greek version.


1 Boule loaf

1/4 C. Melted butter

1 T. Monteal Steak Seasoning

1/4 t.garlic powder

1/4 t. dill

1/4 t. smokey paprika

5 slices Havarti Cheese, quartered

3 slices American Cheese,quartered

1/4 C. Blue Cheese,crumbled

4 scallions small dice,tops reserved for garnish

4 mushrooms diced and sauted

3 jalapenos,seeded,small  dice

1 clove  garlic

Combine seasoning,garlic powder,dill and paprika. Saute mushrooms in a bit of butter and add a pinch of seasonings to them. Melt butter with garlic on a low heat, so as not to burn garlic.  Add the seasonings to the butter and  stir then add mushrooms,jalapenos and scallion.Gently toss in the cheeses.

Using a  sharp serrated knife,prepare bread by cutting lengthwise and widthwise, without cutting through the bottom crust.I placed the boule’ next to my cutting board to prevent slicing al the way through. When the knife edge hit the board,I stopped cutting.Going  in the second direction is a little more difficult. Just go slow!



Criss cross 2, 15″ pieces of  foil.Center the bread on the foil. Spoon the cheese and butter down into the bread cuts.Use your fingers to push the filling down into the loaf.


Wrap loosely. Bake 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

Unwrap and bake another 5-10 mintes,until golden. Garnish with scallion tops.

Serve bubbly hot,using tongs.



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