Saged Brussel Sprouts and Pasta

December 28, 2010

What? You don’t like Brussel Sprouts? Honestly,you don’t hear many nice words about these mini cabbages. A few I asked said they like cabbage, but ewwww, no brussel sprouts. Ok. They aren’t in my top ten either-or my kids. I somehow feel an obligation to keep trying a vegetable until I have exhausted all ways to make it taste good. Try this recipe- just try it.I promise it will change your mind. The quick dip in the boiling water (blanching) takes the bitterness out that most people dislike.Your house will not smell for days either!  The addition of fresh sage and a tiny bit of nutmeg is a marriage made for the most particular taste bud.

  • 2 thick slices of bread,toasted well,and crushed into crumbs
  • 1 pint Brussel Sprouts (I used 14-next time I will use more)
  • 8 oz. pasta
  • 4 T. butter
  • 3 cloves garlic,grated
  • 12 leaves fresh sage
  • salt &pepper to taste
  • dash of nutmeg,1/4 t. at most
  • 1 C. freshly grated parmesean cheese

Toast your bread and make your crumbs.If you want to kick up the calories you can butter the bread,but it is not necessary.I crushed the crumbs in a plastic bag,and left them rather large rather than “bread dust”!!!

Prepare your sprouts. Cut out the core and peel the  leaves. Warning: This takes some time!! It took me about 15 minutes to core and separate 14 sprouts. It’s worth it- I just wasn’t expecting it to be so labor intensive! (plus- I told the kids this was a really quick meal and they were starving – so allow a little extra time to get these little guys apart -or don’t tell anyone dinner will be ready in 15 minutes!) After the sprout prep-the rest of the recipe goes very fast.

Boil your salted water and cook your pasta to al dente.Remove pasta from  water with a slotted spoon and put in your serving bowl.(don’t drain so you can use the boiled water to cook sprouts)

Blanch the brussel sprouts in the pasta water for two minutes. Remove and drain on a paper towel.

In a saute pan,melt 1 T. of the butter and 1 garlic clove on LOW heat.Do not burn the garlic.If you do THROW IT AWAY! It is never worth the loss of some butter and garlic if you burn the garlic.There is no fixing this bitter taste.Saute the blanched sprouts for about 5 -7  minutes in the garlic butter. Pour them over the pasta in your bowl.

Using  the same saute pan you used for the sprouts,heat the remaining 3 T. butter and garlic with the sage leaves.(again on low so as not to burn the garlic.) Stir the leaves to cover with butter, and saute for about 8 minutes.

Pour the butter and sage over the Brussel Sprouts and pasta.Season with salt,pepper and nutmeg.Add half of the grated cheese and toss well. Taste a piece of pasta and adjust salt and pepper. If the pasta is too tight – meaning stuck together- not light and easily separated, add a splash or two of the pasta water.

Top with rest of cheese and bread crumbs. Soooo pretty and soooo good.Our new favorite pasta recipe!



One comment

  1. All I can say is WOW! My family loved this recipe. Luckily, my sage still survives out in my garden, so I was able to pick some for this recipe. I didn’t add too much cheese but otherwise I did it all as stated in the recipe. I love the pictures & easy to follow instructions. This one will become a regular in our house! Thanks, Roz!

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