Midori Colada Jell-o Shot

November 16, 2010

I am what’s known as a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.Also known as a weakie and worst of all, a cheap date.Alcohol just isn’t my friend.However, combine the experience with the coolness of jell-o, a little whipped cream, good friends and better conversation and I am on my way. While shopping I came across a display of  Pina Colada gelatin.Of course the last thing I had in mind was a conventional fruity jell-o mold. Cheers!!

  • One small box pina colada Jell-O
  • 1 C. boiling water
  • 4 oz.   rum
  • 4 oz. Midori melon liquor
Boil one cup of water in microwave.Whisk gelatin powder in slowly until dissolved.Add alcohol. Pour into one of those Chinese take out containers you have saved in your cabinet. Cover and freeze for two hours if you are in a rush! Otherwise refrigerate 4 hours til jelled. (I don’t care for those little paper cups people make them in- too much waste) Another cool option is to make them in mini baking cups.When I try this I’ll post a picture.
Put a few spoonfuls in a shot glass. Squirt a little mound of whipped cream on top. Raise your glass, tip your head back and savor the flavor.


  1. YUMMY.. More of the 5 O’clock ones please. Any that dont have a ton of calories is even better?

    • I am not a drinker so this of course is my most sparse section.I would gladly take recipes from anyone mixing a good drink- if they were willing to photgraph the process.Credit would be given of course ,like I do with Missy and her baking.

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