Sassy Short Ribs of Beef

November 4, 2010

I have never made short ribs,in fact I don’t think I have ever tasted them! They bring back wonderful memories though, as they were one my Dad’s favorite meals.Dad and I had different tastes in meat- he liked the first cut of prime rib, medium well.I prefered the middle cut,cooked only until the “moo” was gone.So anything slow cooked, stewed and most soups were not on my childhood menu.My tastes have changed and though when I eat a grilled steak it is dark pink inside,I love a rich stew and hearty soups.

After seeing these beautiful ribs in the store,I decided to create a short rib recipe for my Dad, as I do not have the recipe my Mom used. He loved heat on his meat,so I have kicked it up a bit with a dry rub,left on overnight.This is a keeper. The flavors of the rub married beautiful with the cooking liquid and the juices of the beef.Now I understand why my Dad loved them so much. Wish you could come to dinner tonight Daddy. I miss you.

Approx.2.5 lbs.beef short ribs(about 10 beautiful meaty bones with just the right amount of fat)

The Dry Rub

1/3 C. Brown sugar

2 T.Paprika

1 T.Garlic salt

1 T McCormick Steak Grill

1 t. Coriander

1 t. Cumin

1 t. Ginger

1/2 t. Black pepper

1/4 t. Cayenne pepper

Mix together.This is enough for ten ribs. Dry the ribs well with a paper towel.Deeply massage the rub into the meat on each bone.

Wrap them tightly in plastic wrap.Then wrap again in foil.Press the foil to be close to the meat. Refrigerate overnight. The next day take the meat out.While it is coming to room temperature,prepare the liquid for the crock pot.

The Stock

2 C. Beef Broth ( reserve 1/2 C. for pan deglazing)

1 C.  “good” Cabernet or Merlot (reserve 1/4 C. for pan deglazing)

2 T. apple cider or red wine vinegar

2 T. Ketchup (that means Heinz!)

1 T. Worcerstershire Sauce

1 T. Brown Sugar

1/2 t. Coriander

1/2 t. Cumin

Mix well.Add to the crockpot and bring to a boil and turn off.While cooling, dry the ribs well.Heat a saute pan until a speck of water sizzles in it.Then add your ribs one at a time. Try to get a good carmel color on all sides.

Remove ribs from pan and put them in liquid in crockpot. Deglaze pan with remaining broth and wine. Bring to rapid boil and pour over ribs in crock pot. Cook on low for 6 hours for 10 ribs. When done cooking remove the ribs carefully.(I use min tongs )The meat will fall off of most of the bones,but for a nice presentation try to keep some of them intact.

This next step is optional, and adds some time. I feel that removing the fat from the cooking liquid is a vital and healthier step. Allow juices to cool a bit,then pour into a bowl and refrigerate.If you are in a hurry put it in the freezer. but don’t forget about it! Remove when fat hardens.Spoon fat off of top. After looking at it congealed aren’t you glad you took removed it? This leaves you with a velvety, almost non-fat broth.If you like you can thicken with flour or corn starch, but to maintain a gluten free and less caloric gravy, I left it as is.

Return liquid to crock pot and  and add:

10 whole Crimini mushrooms

6 oz. container of fresh raspberries

The raspberries are optional,giving a hint of flavor and natural sweetness, allowing to cut back on the brown sugar.Cook on high  20 minutes,til raspberrries are very soft. Add ribs back in just to heat through..

Serve family style with farfelle (bow shaped pasta)  and poppy seeds.Add a  salad, and bread if you like to make sure you get every bit of this tantalizing broth.



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